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Microsoft, separate from its mainstream affiliate program, has an offering for music -- the monthly or yearly Zune Pass. When people buy a Zune pass, they get unlimited access to download music, or stream it. You can offer visitors a free trial of the Zune pass, for 14 days. They'll be able to check out features like Smart DJ, Channels, and Mixview. The Zune Pass works in conjunction with a Zune, a PC, XBox 360, or any Windows Phone 7.

The Zune Pass is $14.99/month, or less if you get an annual pass, plus with either you'll get 10 songs per month to keep forever.

Microsoft, however, does not spell out how much it pays in commissions for this program, so we're waiting for an email.

Summary:Music affiliates will be interested in Microsoft's commission program to promote the Zune Pass, which is a monthly or yearly pass to download music as much as you like, to listen to on Zune, PC, Xbox 360, or any Windows 7 phone.
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