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This is a strong company that builds online stores -- ecommerce -- for people, along with other webmaster services. You can participate in their affiliate program in several ways. You can:
-- Be a Referral Partner. Refer people who need an online store. Once they build it and start selling, you receive commission payments from their sales, as long as that store remains active.

-- Become an Affiliate. Send people over to Volusion by way of links from your site, and earn commissions up to $60 per sale. This plan is run by Commission Junction, which you join first, then sign up for Volusion. 90 day cookies.

- Be a Value-Added Reseller. This means purchasing online stores at a hosting discount, then billing your own customers for services they receive, including a store. This option can be branded completely to look like your own, taking out the "Powered by Volusion" tags on the site.

Summary:Volusion helps you build your online store from start to finish.

Volusion partners

Volusion partners
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