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There are several kinds of anti-anxiety "shirts" or wraps for dogs on the market, and this one, the Thundershirt, is one that is designed to be very easy to put on a dog quickly. It has several velcro-closure flaps that go around the dog's chest and midsection. It's washable too.

As the site shows, it can be used for a whole range of behaviors including separation anxiety, excessive barking, fear during and/or before storms, and even aggression. The idea is similar to that of swaddling an infant to calm it with a steady pressure -- but with dogs it has a more pronounced effect.

Shirts run $39.95 each. The affiliate program is administered by Google Adsense, which you must join first. Commissions run from 2% (when it's a coupon sale) to 10% per order. has an anti-anxiety shirt that can be worn by dogs to reduce or completely eliminate fear and anxiety in stressful situations such as thunderstorms.

Great demonstration videos

Great demonstration videos
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