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Green-minded and environmentally concerned parents are the natural customers of this store, which sells organic cloth diapers as one of its main products, baby gear, baby clothes and toys. The cloth diaper has evolved into something much more convenient and resembles a disposable diaper now. If you follow the links on the site, they'll educate you on the numerous available types. And you'll find several different brands of non-toxic, organic laundry detergent, as well as odor removers and ammonia removers -- which do the job added fragrances in most detergents just cover up.

The store's affiliate prog. is run by ShareaSale. You'd earn 8% per sale you refer and the cookie placed on your customer's computer lasts 180 days. Since the baby needs market is a very strong one, this makes this store a good affiliate area.

Summary:PureAndSimpleBaby is an online store carrying green products for parents including cloth diapers. Great gear and diaper solutions.

Cloth Diapers, new and improved.

Cloth Diapers, new and improved.

Detergent with less environmental impact

Detergent with less environmental impact
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