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Earn money from Ebay by directing traffic to other people's stores. Ebay is one of the hugest online markets, so it's one you shouldn't overlook, as an affiliate marketer. Their network rates your traffic, however, so it's not without work on your part. You must be attracting visitors who are actively searching for the things you're promoting. You must qualify for a commission. But like Google Adsense, the more exacting programs are usually the ones you want to be in.

The amount you're paid per click depends upon the quality of your traffic. As time goes on, your clicks can increase greatly in value. You can check in your stats what your EPC amount is.

Summary:Join Ebay Partner Network, earn from your quality traffic as it clicks to go to Ebay listings. Pay per click revenue with opportunities to learn how to increase it.

The Parent Site

The Parent Site

Details for Publishers

Details for Publishers

Developing your promotional strategy

Developing your promotional strategy
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