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Affiliates should not ignore the draw of the Dollar stores. Online shoppers will be glad to find that their favorite place to snap up school items, beauty products, paper products, toys and even clothing are as easy as sitting there and pointing to what you want.

The special allure of the dollar store was how inexpensive it was, and how easy to decide to buy a few items. This is magic when it comes to shopping.

Dollar General is part of the PJX (PepperJam Network), which is where you need to join to participate in their affiliate plans. Earn 5% of revenue you refer. Cookies to give you additional income from later visits extend to 30 days after the customer's first purchase. And you can track purchases by product to give you better marketing info.

Summary:One of the best-known dollar store companies, DollarGeneral is easy to shop online and has great selection.
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