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ClickBooth is one of the largest CPA networks, with a lot to offer publishers: On its click-per-acquisition ad platform you may filter or block ads as you choose. There's a guaranteed 100% inventory fill, which means no bad-looking gaps on your sites. You can choose text-only ads or text plus an image. There are, as with most of the giant networks, strict guidelines for publisher websites:

You must have substantive content. (Adsense, and many of the big companies insist on that too.)

You must make sure ads have a disclosure labeling them as "Advertisement" at the top of pages.

You must have a privacy policy onsite. This, since the birth of personalized searches, is becoming more and more common.

You must not incentivize your clicks.

Your website must be fully functional. No "under construction" or bad links.

No offensive material; no false advertising -- they specify this pretty clearly in multiple ways, such as claiming to have used a product you haven't, or claiming a posted comment is the view of unbiased consumers, etc.

No adult stuff, no gambling, no contests, lotteries, raffles, or sweepstakes. Many of those last ones would simply be methods of incentivizing clicks, which they don't want you doing.

While it looks like a lot of people are making good money from them, I have questions. There is an odd clause at the end of the affiliate terms agreement: You must agree to let ClickBooth have access to your business records and databases -- and agree to let CB do a credit check on you -- in order to "confirm your financial position." I personally wouldn't agree to that. That bit is on page 7 of the PDF of publishers terms: Clickbooth Terms

This may be aimed at publishers who also do business with them at the other end, as advertisers; I'm not certain. They also do not clearly describe their system or much about their advertisers. But this is a network worth learning about. used to be, in case you were looking for it.

Summary:ClickBooth is a leading CPA network, with advantageous terms for CPA affiliates. Solutions to monetize traffic to your websites with pay per lead, and you can filter ads to suit your needs.
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