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This large ad and affiliate network company offers affiliates the chance to earn income via CPA, CPC and revenue share all under one roof. Contextual ads, feeds, or ad cloud. You should choose promotion methods that are suited to your websites and traffic. For the XML feed, you need sites with 3000+ searches per month. They do not specify traffic levels for the other methods. Altogether, Affinity says you can earn from $2 to $5 RPM (Rate per Mille/Thousand uniques).

Affinity, the name of which suggests finding like for like -- matching what people are trying to find -- is, finally, a company that explains rather fully what they do and shows you, too, with demo pages illustrating their ad techniques. We appreciate their clarity!
There are 3 different methods you may choose amongst:

First is the simplest, the In-Text Keyword ad. Your keywords are underlined and colored within the text of your site. When visitor mouses over them, a small ad rectangle appears, which the person can click on if he wishes. You can customize this as far as number of keywords highlighted, and the color of the highlight, and you can block certain keywords or advertisers, to accomplish what you want with that particular website. The in-text works with Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal too. This method gives the advantage to good-content sites.

Next, there's the Ad Cloud: Using the familiar tag cloud area many programs such as Wordpress feature on a template, this space shows ads corresponding to the keywords which the visitor interacts with while reading.
The cloud area might be a rectangle on the side, or a skyscraper banner size, or a full horizontal banner. It engages a reader and makes him notice the ads, which are responding to his actions.

Search XML ad feed -- For sites with good traffic -- and this should mean 3000+ user searches per month -- this feed which comes with dedicated support for your account. When a visitor uses the search box on your page, along with the results he wanted, ads corresponding to his search terms appear in a text box. (This rectangle is the familiar style like Google Adsense employs, the rectangle with sponsored links, each of which are titled, described briefly, with a link in color or bold under it.) To help get the proper ads even when people misspell in their search, Affinity uses Natural Language Processing and keyword proximity algorithms to recognize keywords in the person's search, and match appropriate ads. They also boast of a FAST feed, under one second to load. Affinity says you can earn up to 95% revenue share.

Summary:Affinity advertising has CPC or PPC income, CPA and revenue share for affiliate income seekers. Huge garden of advertisers, and for publishers you can use their in-text ads, ad cloud, or XML search feed to display interactive ads.
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