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This is a straightforward dating membership site, offering webmasters the same plain speaking that they do their customers. If your site is accepted into their online dating affiliates program, and you send them a customer who joins, you'll get 55% of the customer's join fee, then the same percentage each time they renew, month to month. You get a bonus 5% too, if you carry the link to on your front page.

The site itself has a pretty good online personals questionnaire for dating that avoids the psychological stuff and the mysterious stuff that some of the biggest sites have in their questionnaires. They also don't provide photos except of those from people who've matched you in compatibility. So it's no bar or meat market where looks rule; it's earnest matchmaking. Very different format, which should interest people in trying it.

Summary:Online dating membership site with easy questionnaire; dating and personals affiliates earn good percentages of revenue.
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